Domestic Violence

Stop Motion Film

“Domestic Violence” is a stop motion film which should draw attention to the topic of domestic violence in a direct and provocative manner. Our intention was to make it harder for people to close their eyes to this issue.

The goal of the stop motion workshop was to teach us about different stop motion techniques, how to tell a compelling story with limited resources and to consolidate our camera skills.


Stop Motion Workshop


Rasih Bayölken


Semester 4

Project Partners

Daniela Ivandikov

Vincent Seits


We wanted the topic to feel very close and personal. This is why we chose to only portray the close up of the face with an unemotional stare directly into the camera. The receiving of the wounds should not trigger any reaction to symbolize powerlessness and to a certain degree also resilience.


Only the cover up and healing of the wounds requires the protagonist to act. With every wound it gets obviously harder to conceal them, until the protagonist eventually vanishes. The message should be direct and clear, without leaving much room for interpretation.


Hearing the slaps was important to intensify the viewing experience. They should appear rather realistic and must not seem comical, so they would not take away from the seriosity of the topic. To create a darker atmosphere, we inserted rumbling
as background noise.


The music should start slowly and create tension and occasionally invoke slightly hopeful feelings. We left the ending of the film open, because the viewer should have the opportunity to imagine an ending for himself to cope with the topic. Yet our intended ending is pretty obvious.