Hello, my name is Luisa.

I just finished my bachelor's degree at the HfG Gmünd. This portfolio is currently not up to date. I programmed it two years ago and will update it soon with new (and cooler) projects. Stay tuned!

People value that I’m empathetic, versatile and that
I always try to make reasoned and farsighted decisions. This is also what I want to integrate in my design work to create meaningful, user centered products and services. My primary goal is to make the users experiences worthwhile.


I am great at quickly grasping the core of a matter which makes me especially strong in researching, integrating and mediating information. I enjoy learning new skills, methods and tools to help me create profound user interfaces and experiences.


For me, successful teamwork requires good communication and openness, so every team member can bring in their strengths and expand their knowledge. Problem solving and developing smart solutions is what I find the most interesting.


For prototypes and clickable interfaces I usually use Sketch and Principle, or Figma for efficient colla-
borative working. For mockups and 3D modeling I like to use Cinema 4D.

Adobe CC

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a big part of every of my projects. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Lightroom and Adobe XD.


I am able to create a functional website like this portfolio or do creative coding with HTML, CSS
and Javascript. With basic Arduino or Unity I can produce simpler prototypes.


My purpose is not to end up at a specific point in
life, but to grow as much as I can as a person. I want to make as many in depth experiences as I can and never stop learning along the way.


Being determined and ambitious, I struggle with doing things half-heartedly. I am convinced that if you're already spending time with doing something, it will overall take less time to do it right.


Years of ballroom and latin dancing taught me trust, self expression and gave me my first job. When I’m by myself I’m never not singing and it's safe to call music one of my passions.


Foreign cultures and ways of thinking amaze me. In the last years, however, I tried to get to know my own culture better. That for I’m currently learning russian. Of course, mostly by memorizing russian songs.


Although I’m fascinated by science, I very much enjoy the adventure and fantasy genres through any medium. Whether it’s a book about different worlds or I’m exploring Skyrim for the fourth time, the stories and views inspire me.